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Counterfeit Checks

The Grand Prize Winner

A man opens his mail and finds a check for $3500 along with a congratulatory letter stating that he won the sweepstakes. The man is told to deposit the check and wait three days for the bank to release the funds. Afterwards, he is to transfer most of the money somewhere to pay taxes via Western Union or Green Dot.

The Secret/Mystery Shopper

A lady answers a “Help Wanted” ad and gets a job as a secret shopper. She receives a check along with a list of where to shop and how much to spend. She notices that a money transfer service is on the list (usually Western Union, Green Dot or Money Gram). She is instructed to transfer a large portion of the check back to her new boss while taking notes on the competence and friendliness of the staff.

Online Sale Overpayment

A lady places an ad for a desk she wants to sell online. She gets a check by overnight mail from a person who has always wanted a desk just like the one advertised. However, the check is written for more than the asking price. She contacts the buyer and is told to transfer the overpayment via Western Union or Green Dot to another individual who will transport the desk to Canada.

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