Fraudulent secret accounts

Paying Bills with Secret Accounts at the Federal Reserve is Illegal!

Misinformation is circulating on social media platforms falsely claiming that consumers can use certain routing numbers and their Social Security Numbers (SSNs) to pay bills from “secret accounts” at the Federal Reserve, government agencies or some banks. 

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The Equifax Breach

The Equifax Breach

As you may have heard, Equifax, one of the three major credit bureaus in the U.S. announced a data breach potentially impacting 143 million people. The leaked information included personal information such as names, birth dates, social security numbers, addresses, and other identifying information. Reports also indicate that at least 209,000 credit card numbers have been compromised.

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How Tokenization Technology Can Protect You from Fraud

Tokenization of credit cards is the latest buzz-word in security. One example of Tokenization is in Apple Pay, where your true card number remains hidden during the transaction. Instead, a temporary number issued by your payment network allows your transaction to be processed without revealing your true card number. Even if the one-time number is intercepted, it cannot be used for additional transactions.

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Banks and Cybersecurity

As a Bank we are continually improving our security measures to make sure your investments, and accounts with us are safe. This is an info-graphic from the American Bankers Association describing the current state of Cybersecurity and what Banks are doing to protect you and your money.

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